Mobile odor meter

THE mobile measuring device for THT (mercaptan) determination in natural gas

The advantages of the ODOR hand-held measuring device from QUMA:

  • Simple operation
  • Data memory with PC connection

The compact design makes it possible to combine many functions. Operation is simple and requires no knowledge of chemistry, electronics or chromatography.
You only press one button for a measurement or calibration.

The QUMAT®-110 works automatically and displays the result on its large 2-line illuminated LCD display. If you want to save the result, all you have to do is press a button. The result is now saved with the date, time, device number and consecutive report number. Furthermore, a max. Save 4-digit measuring location number.

The data can be read out via PC, saved and printed out in various lists. The QUMAT®-110 stores > 100 measurements in an EEPROM. Dadurch lässt sich das Handmessgerät bequem mit einem modernen Ni-MH-Akku betreiben, der innerhalb von ca. 1 Std. aufgeladen werden kann. The vehicle’s electrical system or a power supply unit can be used as the power supply. The date and time are buffered internally by a separate battery.

To be able to measure mercaptans, only a conversion factor needs to be entered!

PC software:

You need a PC (notebook) with Windows® 95/XP/7/8 4.0 software and a serial RS-232 connection.
The data is transferred to the PC by cable. There may be several days between data recording on the QUMAT®-110 and saving, during which the hand-held meter may be switched off. The integrated database can print different lists: e.g. all measurements between the date xxx and the date yyy or all results at measuring location zzzz.

Scope of delivery:

  • QUMAT®-110 hand-held measuring device
  • Connection hose 1/8″ 3 m
  • Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Adapter cable for charging with car batteries 12 V DC
  • Program Stick
  • RS-232 cable
  • Manual


  • Adapter set with various Gas connections
  • Calibration gas certified with pressure reducer and connection lines
  • Supply line pressure reducer for operation above 20 mbar (up to 2 bar)
  • Measuring case


  • Working range: 2 – 100 mg THT/m³ [7 – 350 ppm THT] (1 – 40 mg mercaptan/m³)
  • Measuring principle: electrochemical sulphur detector without chromatographic separation of the sulphur components
  • Zero point correction
  • Cross-sensitivity: Coke oven gas can lead to incorrect measurements
  • Working temperature: 0° C to 40° C


  • Illuminated 2-line LCD display for ease of use, e.g. measurements in the cellar
  • Storage of min. 100 measurements with date, time, measurement location and report number
  • Battery-backed clock for time and date
  • Programmed conversion for mercaptans
  • Data transmission via RS-232
  • Ni-MH battery for at least 10 hours of operation; the battery is charged with 12 V DC (car) or with a mains adapter
  • Fast charging of the battery in max. 2 hours
  • Evaluation via computer possible: Program with database function, statistics (The program runs under Windows®95/XP/7/8 )
  • Dimensions: 197 x 98 x 40 mm3