Worldwide analytical
Main focus: Residual solvent determination (head-space technology), electrostatics, odor control especially in natural gas, atmospheric diagnostics in the ppt range

About us

Founded as a GbR in 1985 and converted into a GmbH in 1990.

When we started to develop and build PTV control units in 1991, nobody could have imagined that some 25 years later our product range would consist of more than 20 analyzers and continue to grow.
Not only throughout Germany, but also increasingly all over the world.

This is also confirmed by our figures, which show that over 50% of our business is conducted abroad. The “Made in Germany” seal of quality has thus also established itself in the analytical industry.
Perhaps with your help we will be able to fill in one or two blank spots on the map with our analysis devices. We are open to new partnerships worldwide.

We also build and develop customized special solutions. Just ask. QUMA is always interested in mastering new problem areas with you and overcoming new challenges.